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"Y'all" was being used in English poetry well before the States were even a thing. We just popularized it (by 'we,' I mean white southern and black Americans).

As to dates, if you write out a date, it'd follow the "[month] [day], [year]" format. If someone asks you to specify a date, would you say "1st April," or "April 1st?" Looking at it this way, our format is more intuitive and in line with how people would actually speak.

As for American spelling variants, you can thank us for cleaning up the unnecessary surplus of letters in your words.

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@LN78 It's not all my fault. I don't actually say y'all since I'm not from the south. So, I guess once again... only kinda sorta.

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@RogerRoger On the other hand, we do owe an apology to the world for inflicting the word "irregardless" on the English lexicon. At least until someone dives around in databases a few years from now and discovers that it's another stupid Americanism that somehow originated among 17th century poets.

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Have to agree on the American dates - the simple solution would be longform as @RogerRoger suggests. I remember thinking Metroid Dread was coming out on 10th August at first, but it turned out to be 8th October (still very close after the reveal).

@Ralizah No joke, but in the UK we actually say "1st of January" rather than January 1st, so it works out for us.

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At least 2'8".

@Mikey856 It's not that unpopular. I think so, and I know of at least a couple of other people that agree.

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Still need to play The Lost Legacy. It's on my shelf, with a half-dozen other Playstation games I'd like to get into eventually.

It'd need to be pretty good to beat Uncharted 4, though. That's currently my favorite Naughty Dog release to date.

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I too think Lost legacy is better UC4, mainly because of the pacing issues of UC4. Some sections I found tedious.
Lost legacy is all non stop action.

All imo of course.


unpopular opinion : i think if all games were M rated they would be a lot better because a “Mature” game allows more freedom, depth, and creativity - take that how u want , but i mean in a general sense & not just blatant exploiting for shock-value . Imagine a M rated Sly cooper , id love it .

and to back up my claim even more , look at games like Halo , Dead or Alive , & Arkham knight , neither games are “shocking” or “too far” for lack of better word , so it’s not like a M-rating automatically equates to an exaggerated connotation of what someone might think . Any lower ESRB rating just causes limitations and restraint

& besides , who actually knew any kids that said their parents only let them have E-rated games ?

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@nomither6 I’m not sure I follow. I think you mean that you want more options in open worlds and choices that don’t needlessly tone down sex and violence when it would fit the setting — but I hardly see the point in a M-rated version of Minecraft or Tetris or Katamari, etc. I guess we could get an M-rated Gran Turismo if the driver just drops a bunch of F-bombs when he misses a turn and then when you crash you see blood splatter all over the dashboard… but I hardly see the point.

I do find it ironic that many E-rated games have substantial violence at their core. They still involve killing enemies, crashing violently, or falling fatefully to our deaths. If it’s all portrayed in a cutesy art-style it doesn’t bother parents so much, I guess.

It is true that sometimes I can tell that developers rein in their content due to wanting to hit at targeted rating. So they may withhold sex/nudity or violence in order to keep the T rating, when perhaps the game would benefit from the mature content. The opposite happens sometimes too, where a game has pointless gratuitous violence or sex just to get the M-rating. I think that developers should make the game they want and then whatever rating it ends up as, they just have to live with it. Unfortunately, that’s not the way that business works. If Hogwarts Legacy had a mission where you used the invisibility charm to spy on the girls shower, or if battles zoomed in to show graphical detail of the enemies heads getting exploded by a boulder you cast at them, then I seriously doubt it would be selling nearly as well. It would basically abandon its target audience. Likewise, if the next GTA doesn’t have sex and copious lewdness, violence, and profanity then it will no doubt be a commercial disappointment. There’s a place in gaming for all maturity ratings.

As for that M-rated Sly Copper game, maybe you’ll get that seeing as Sucker Punch has gradually ramped up the grittiness of their games.

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