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TL:DR: Anyone also actively playing the Hazard mode of Battlefield 2042? Hit me up...

So... it's unreal, isn't it. After more than 4 years of waiting we will finally get something to see this year..

As incredible as the single player game was, it still was too long obviously (like most games). But even if it was too long, besides all the greatness, I also just loved the last chapter because just standing and walking as Ellie in her "full assault" mode felt so great (game wasn't about that, I know but still).

Naughty Dog wouldn't need to do anything, just make a regular multiplayer with their animations and quality, and it would be enough. They obviously don't do (just) that and we will very likely get something unique and completely new.
Still, I so pray to the dogs that it will have a lot of the "core" of something like Tarkov, Hunted and more importantly Battlefield's Hazard mode. That's so incredible fun, and more importantly feels just so great. It feels actually like a single player almost but with real encounters that matter (because real players).

This is just dreaming and has nothing to do with reality but what would be some of your dreams come true in the greatest multiplayer action game?
Mine are as follows. Many of them are already in the Hazard mode - the perfect mix between a CoD (way too fast) and Fortnite (slower, but awful style and atmosphere).

  • A "living" world/map (nature events), as cinematic as possible
  • As realistic as possible (no silly skins etc) while also being
  • as simple and easy to learn as possible (hard to master)
  • As slow movement (with great animations) as possible
  • As slow gameplay as possible (don't drop dead after first shot of enemy)
  • No need for thousands of upgrades or different weapons, just have 5 or 10 in total (with cosmetics if needs to be sellable)
  • Some AI controlled npcs (zombies), but not as many as eg in CoD's DMZ mode
  • Minimum of 16, maximum of 32 players on one map (like Hazard) - the perfect size to always have PVP encounters with real people, while also have some "down" time with npcs
  • Ability to "play dead" with a press of a button when shot down, to shoot someone in the back or similar when they didn't check if you're actually dead
  • Aim to search for something on the map (data drives in Hazard), to bring it to a helicopter or safe zone
  • Ability to "betray" your own group but with huge dissadvantages (but also advantage)
  • Huge motivation to keep playing obviously (not just money or something within one round but a progression system like in a RPG or similar)
  • Have a "hostage" system (or human shield) and interrogate system or similar
  • No self regeneration (like Factions)

The more I think about it, the more I currently want to stay just with Hazard mode in Battlefield but improve on it haha (because the LoU multiplayer obviously won't have cool helicopter drop offs etc).
What is on your wishlist?
And if you should also love the Hazard mode, let's get in contact for a multiplayer group..

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