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@Voltan Cool congrats on beating Ghost Wire Tokyo. I have been thinking about playing this game as well for some time now.

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Beyond: Two Souls , PS4 version. I reached the end credits with it. It's a supernatural thriller, with a focus on narrative and choice.

Overall I rather enjoyed it. It had an interesting story, and the characters were well crafted. In particular, the main character Jodie was likeable and relatable, and William Defoe does a great job acting as one of the researchers.

My only real complaint was that choices didn't always feel like they had too much of an effect. There's some great variations that can occur, but more often than not chapters will unfold in mostly the same way regardless of choices. But other than that, I enjoyed my time with it.

@crimsontadpoles Beyond: Two Souls is a game I’ve been meaning to play for ages, but I keep forgetting about it and prioritizing other games. It’s great to hear it held up for you.

Question — did you play the jumbled timeline approach like the game originally released or in chronological order? My understanding is that it originally was told in segments that were out of order and they patched in a mode where you could play it in a chronological timeframe after players complained. I’ve heard arguments supporting each approach, some saying to experience it in the original artistic direction first while others say a first playthrough is too confusing so one should play in chronological order first to avoid frustration about understanding the plot.

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@Th3solution The PS4 and Steam versions lets the player choose between the original jumbled up order, or a more chronological order. I went with the original jumbled up storyline. That approach worked fairly well, and I didn't have any particular problem keeping track of events.

After each chapter, it displays a timeline showing the names of every chapter so far. That's useful for keeping track of the previous events and how they fit together. Plus, it's easy enough for the player to see roughly where they are in the timeline from the main character's age and appearance.

Opting for the jumbled up order also helps to improve the level variety a bit, as the longer, intense chapters are often later on chronologically.

So I like the original order, but the option to play chronologically does exist for those who prefer that approach.

So I’ve beaten DMC4: SE . Does not hold up well. The puzzles, objectives & the camera were god awful. The only thing I really enjoyed about this game were the boss battles & the final 20mins of the game. Just did the Neto/Dante route as I don’t intend to play through it again.

I don’t know if I would feel differently about the game if I played it at the time, but just found it incredibly frustrating.

Oh well onto DMC5 & then I would’ve ‘caught up’ with another classic franchise. I suspect it will play much better.

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Just finished the campaign on Zombie Army 4 and loved every minute. Such an easy game to overlook what with the schlocky title… but it’s such a well made 3rd person action shooter. Think I actually preferred it to its progenitor Sniper Elite (though that may have been to do with being in the mood for action rather than tactical gameplay). Highly recommended to anyone who added it while it was in ps+ but haven’t actually played it yet.

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@crimsontadpoles Oh I loved Beyond Two Souls when I played it a few years ago. Its such a cool game. I think the game mechanics and graphics are so very good. Its kind of unique experience really. And well I say experience because its really feels like an experience sometimes hehe. Highly recommend it. @Th3solution I hope you get around to play it sometimes.

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Uncharted 4 a little while ago on hard actually. Was the first Uncharted game I really loved, so much better then the previous games in series. Naughty Dog did a really good job with this game. Also really liked the graphics hehe. Hm I must otherwise state that reading about Beyond Two Souls have made me a little curious to try out Detroit Become Human some time soon.

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Finally beat the Dead space Remake, and yeah it's really good. Nice graphics, moody atmosphere and beyond outstanding audio.


Just finished Stray on PS4 after about 7 hours of playtime. I rarely say this about games but this one was a flawless experience for me. Besides some technical hiccups that is, but it's understandable considering I played it on a base PS4. I doubt a game like this has any technical issues on a PS5.

Anyway, I truly loved everything about this game. Unique protagonist (not many games where you get to play as a cat!), memorable characters, interesting setting, gripping story, exceptional soundtrack, fun gameplay, great controls, stunning visuals, incredibly detailed environments. I genuinely don't have anything bad to say about this game, I enjoyed it from beginning to end. It's such a breath of fresh air compared to most other games that come out these days.

Most people have probably already played it, but if you haven't, do yourself a favour and play it. It's such a fantastic game and I'm glad that I got to experience it.


@LtSarge I'm glad you liked it better than I did. I didn't hate it and was glad I played it for "free", but in the latter portion of the game when you spend quite a bit of time going around the cyberpunk-like city at night (I forget what the area was actually called), it was way too easy to get lost imo. I spent more time than I cared to walking around trying to figure out where to go, which almost killed the game for me. Obviously I was able to finish it, but that almost killed the game for me. It was likely partially my own fault, but they did not do a good job at all of making it easy to find your way around that part.

Not saying you're wrong for loving the game as plenty of people did, but it was definitely just a decent and not flawless experience for me.

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@KilloWertz When I started playing the game, I was actually thinking this would be the perfect game to let someone who's never played a game before start out with due to its simplicity. But then you get to the "open areas" of the game and then I realised that you can easily get lost in these sections of the game. I actually think the first open area, the slums, was harder to find where to go than the second one, Midtown (the cyberpunk area). But I never struggled during these sections since I just explored everything anyway. You can also talk to your robot friend whenever you're lost. But I can definitely see how these would ruin the pacing of the game for some people.


@LtSarge Looking at the guides on this site now, I could be wrong and have the two mixed up. I don't remember for sure as I played it shortly after launch, but I know I got lost frequently in one of those two areas.

I didn't think the game was bad. Like I said, I was glad that I played it in the end, but I'll never be one to join the group of people that were fascinated by the game. I was one of those people until I kept getting frustrated. It was BlueTwelve's first game, so while getting lost so much nearly broke me and I nearly didn't finish it, I obviously powered through and am still interested to see what they do next. I'm glad there were people, including yourself, that got that much out of the game.

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@KilloWertz Well speaking of frustrating games, I just finished Matterfall on PS4. Have you played that one? It's made by Housemarque.

I enjoyed the first world a lot, but the second and last worlds really upped the difficulty. The final boss was a major pain, I had to lower the difficulty and look up a guide to find out what's the best loadout to have. After doing that, I didn't struggle as much. Crazy to think that a loadout can make such a significant difference.

I was almost ready to give up on the game but I'm glad I didn't. It's one of those frustrating games that feels good once you've beaten it.

Besides the high difficulty, I enjoyed the game for its 2D platforming and music. It wouldn't be a Housemarque game without an exceptional soundtrack. It was also cool to see them make a 2D platformer this time instead of another twin-stick shooter like Super Stardust and Resogun. But I'm glad that I didn't buy it and played it through PS+ Extra/Premium instead. It's a very short game with only 12 levels that will take 3-4 hours depending on how good you are. And the high difficulty doesn't make it any better. But it's still worth a playthrough, that's for sure.


@LtSarge I never played Matterfall. Returnal was the first game by Housemarque that I ever played (and never finished). I'd probably pass on that as I also hate games that don't know how to balance the difficulty instead of having it be gradual. It sucks when it's something I'm loving and then at the end it gets really difficult for the sake of being difficult (A Plague Tale: Innocence comes to mind). I am glad you enjoyed it for the most part though.

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Just finished Transference on PS4. It took me roughly 2 hours to finish the game. Really enjoyed it except for a few moments where I got stuck. It's basically a first-person horror game where you walk around and solve puzzles. There were some good jump scares, not going to lie. And I quite enjoyed the story. Considering I haven't played a horror game in quite some time now, this one scratched that itch for me.


@LtSarge Nice, I too recently finished that game (in PS VR) and agree with the puzzles being a bit too ambiguous and there were a couple of times that I swore I did something correctly only for it not to be recognised as the solution although it was probably me. 😂


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